Some Changes to Native of Nowhere (the blog and the person)

Recently it has come to my attention that a number of people actually like the stuff I’m writing. I’m so glad you are getting something out of this. Sometimes I feel like I’m screaming into a roaring wind and lost in the deluge of voices on WordPress. So thank you to those who have told me in recent emails that you appreciate my work. It is truly one of the only sources of self-esteem for me since I lost my job to COVID.

However, I was reading over all my past posts and found some things to be outdated and cringe – particularly when I use the term “Asperger’s” in earlier posts. There are also points where I don’t feel as if I uplifted or centered minority and particularly BIPOC Autistics enough. In my attempts to explain the difficulties of white women in standing up against white supremacy and patriarchy, I was insensitive to the very real damage to minorities that white women perpetuate every day. White women absolutely need to be held very accountable for the harm they do regardless of the reasons.

Therefore, I am going to change past instances of “Asperger’s” as I am disgusted by the history of this term as a human, an Autistic, and a person of Jewish decent. It can be upsetting to readers and I understand why. I am NOT going to change much else about my posts, because I don’t believe in “dirty deleting” my own development and my mistakes.

I am also debating whether to change the name of this blog due to the use of the word “Native.” No one has complained, but I want to be sure. Although I am not using it in a sense of claiming Indigenous American heritage, I should probably not capitalize it as “Native” is an identity that is not mine. So it will be lowercase after this posting. I am still seeking feedback about the appropriateness of this, but I have only found material warning against non-tribal members calling themselves Native in the context of claiming vague Indigenous heritage.

I am also going to be posting some updates about my “gender voyage” where I will be discussing some personal, revealing things but I hope that I can shine a light on the wide variety of gender experiences out there through talking about what I have learned about myself. The most surprising thing about becoming an Autistic advocate and activist is discovering the intersection of queer/trans and neurodivergent identities. Many late-diagnosed Autistics find that as they “unmask” their Autistic selves that they are actually wearing multiple masks in the name of “passing” as normal and not drawing more negative attention to themselves. It’s a whole complicated thing.

I just want to say that I see you all doing your best to hold it together during these dark and anxious times. I am doing my level best as well and writing this blog is one way I stay sane.

Thank you for your time and support!

Author: Native

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