FL Gov. Rick Scott picks up uterus regulation where Texas left off

via Florida’s war on women: State passes massive anti-choice bill to shut down access to abortion and contraception – Salon.com.

Well. I sure wish this was a rare, outrageous type of story, but if you’ve been near a TV or computer lately, you should know the debate about women having control over the course of their own lives is being hotly contested in none other than SCOTUS. And Florida just lost a round in this battle like a raped coed who can’t convince the cops she isn’t a conniving She-Demon making false allegations.

Ruth’s got to be getting really tired of this shit.

The same building codes that Sammy Bee and John Oliver just did segments on have been halted in a short order handed down by the Supreme Court. Right now, as we all know, the bent of the Supreme Court is in the air and hideously polarized after Jon Stewart smothered Scalia in a frustrated funk caused by the irrelevancy of the show he passed on. Maybe he’ll head on to Florida and see to Rick Scott as well.

Use a stake, Jon. This one could be a Nosferatu.

The Voldemort-headed decider of women’s fates is expected to ram through the same photocopied ream of building codes which would remove access to care for most of Florida’s female residents. Ironically, closing these clinics would negatively impact women’s health as a whole and clog emergency rooms with patients who could have been served better at clinics that have been closed. In fact, for someone who is very concerned about revenue, this bill would incur massive costs not far down the road. Many women seeking abortions (most done with a dose of medication) would end up having babies that would then suffer because of Scott’s other policy stances. Some children born would become wards of the state, some would cause the death of the mother, some would not live long after birth – all because women wouldn’t have adequate prenatal care. Then there’s the specter of home abortions. But the most baffling effect he is wittingly or unwittingly having on women is keeping birth control methods away from them.

It seems he wants women pregnant, but only if they don’t want to be.

You could prevent this, Rick!

The scale is tipping away from the anti-choice movement. For instance, have you noticed an increase the term “anti-choice”? The next justice confirmed might continue the compassionate work that so many Americans do in clinics, at their own monumental risk, or cement our country as a bigoted theocracy for the foreseeable future. However, the consequences of poor reproductive services will quickly bring the issue back to the fore.

Have hope. Women are finding out that they get to say who does or does not tamper with their destinies, and that toothpaste will never fit back in the tube.

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