FL Gov. Rick Scott Evades More Questions

via Florida Governor Rick Scott Embarrasses Himself, And America, On National TV.

What do you know? Moloch impersonator Rick Scott really laid an egg on MSNBC’s Morning Joe yesterday. In a moment of actual journalism the members of Morning Joe put the screws to him about his stance on Muslim refugees coming into Florida. He first answered with the stock excuse of waiting for vetting of refugees to somehow be more draconian.

This is an underhanded way to suggest to those who would support his ilk that the process is not good as it stands. As Oliver points out, the series of checks and the sheer amount of paperwork that America requires eliminates the possibility that a terrorist would take this circuitous route to getting in the country. Really. Check out the link under the title to see a man drowning on dry land.

For the record, I don’t think he’s truly frightened of terrorists coming to Florida. He knows his electoral base, bigots and really old bigots, would not reelect him if he publicly took a compassionate stance. This is yet another example of a politician doing an awkward two-step to encourage the delusions and prejudices of his base.


Author: Native

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